About the Course

Advances in digital technology and the current Covid-19 pandemic have driven more consumers to spend more time on social media regardless if its for networking or shopping for products and services.

This presents a golden opportunity for companies to reach out and connect with their target audiences to brand and promote their products.

This course covers an overview of the trends and challenges of the social media and social commerce landscape. SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs are also introduced to the popular social media platforms and common strategies used in social selling.

Trainer Profiles:

Simon Tan (Lecturer)

Simon is a seasoned marketing professional with over of 10 years experience spanning across the media, events and healthcare sector.

Experienced in business development, identifying and developing new business opportunities to maximise revenue.

Simon has proven capability in developing and executing customised marketing plans across traditional and digital media platforms to meet and exceed sales targets.

Phua Hui Min (Lecturer)

Hui Min specialises in the retail and eCommerce program. Her main experience is in digital marketing, where she can comfortably embrace digital with a good balance of data, creativity, and logic in accelerating commercial growth for consumer and eCommerce brands.

Both a strategist and executor, she knows how to take an idea from a line in her notebook to launch the next innovative, digital first campaign.

  • Course Aim

    This course provides learners with the basic knowledge and concepts of social media and social commerce so that they are able to better evaluate and start to build their brand presence on the suitable platforms.

    Learners are able to:
    1) Map out their social media marketing goals based on the digital marketing funnel framework.
    2) Assess the relevant social media platform that is able to effectively engage with the brand's target audience.
    3) Understand what is social commerce and why it is important for brands to integrate it as part of their social media strategies

  • Target Participants

    1) Individuals interested to know more about social media.
    2) SMEs interested on marketing on social media.
    3) Aspiring entrepreneurs interested on learning how to build their brand and sell on social media.

  • Certification

    Certificate of Completion

  • Admission Requirements

    1) Basic proficiency in computer skills (eg: MS office).
    2) Basic knowledge of using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for networking.

  • Course schedule (conducting days & time)

    12 June 2023

    9am to 5pm

  • What You'll Study

  • Course Fees and Funding

    Please refer to course brochure.
  • Contact for course enquiries

    Ms TEO SHALYNN,, Tel No:65501094
  • Remarks

    NYP reserves the right to reschedule/cancel any prog and amend the fees/info without prior notice.