About the Course

Are you ready for the next wave of customers who are going to change the way you do business Gen Zers are a rising generation of digital natives with enormous economic impact. You probably already know that Gen Zers spend a lot of time online; especially on social media. But the way these young consumers interact with content differs from the way millennials and other earlier generations do so.

Adopting an entrepreneurial marketing approach, the workshop aims to empower the participants with the knowledge and practical tips on the Who, What, Why and How to Engage the emerging Generation Z customers.

Design Thinking Framework will be introduced where participants will have the opportunity to interact and co-create marketing ideas together with Gen Z-ers. Through learning and applying need finding, idea generation and prototyping skills in the workshop, the participants will uncover Gen Z-ers needs, their traits and develop authentic digital marketing content that effectively communicate a brands core values and builds customer relationships.

Trainer Profiles:

Umah Devi Ramasamy, Senior Lecturer

A passionate integrated marketing communications professional, Umah Ramasamy has over 10 years of experience spanning across lifestyle retail and fashion brands, F&B and sports. Having honed her PR & publicity skills at TANGS Department Store, Umah has a proven track record of leading her team to maximise earned media opportunities across various campaigns.
With a keen eye for industry and business development, Umah was instrumental in identifying and developing strategic key partnerships across the F&B and Sport sectors, when she was with the Singapore Tourism Board. She guided her teams in crafting the tourism development strategies for these sectors, spearheaded the Singapore International Culinary campaign and anchored the WTA Finals (2014-2018) in Singapore together with SportSG and World Sport Group.

  • Course Aim

    The workshop aims to equip participants with insights and step-by-step guidance to solve business problems arising from interacting with the digital natives.

    Sharing by instructors and participants, as well as best practices will be featured strongly in this One-Day workshop.

  • Target Participants

    1.Brand Executives
    2.Content Strategists
    3.Digital Marketing Executives
    4.Marketing Communications Executives
    5.PR Executives
    6.Small-business owners
    7.Mid-career switchers

  • Certification

    Certificate of Completion

  • Admission Requirements

    No Minimum Requirements

  • Course schedule (conducting days & time)

    12 June 2023

    9am - 5pm

    *course to be conducted online via Zoom

  • What You'll Study

  • Course Fees and Funding

    Please refer to course brochure.
  • Contact for course enquiries

    Ms TEO SHALYNN,, Tel No:65501094
  • Remarks

    NYP reserves the right to reschedule/cancel any prog and amend the fees/info without prior notice.