About the Course

"Starting Your Coffee Business (Advanced)" looks at the science of various coffee shots extraction and how to use this knowledge to get the most from beans of different styles. It looks at modern ways of evaluating extraction through measuring TDS, extraction percentages, and expressing this through espresso brew formulas. Coffee contains many possible flavours, aromas and textures due to the complex range of acids, sugars and bitter compounds it contains. Every bean offers different possibilities to the barista based on its variety, origin, processing and roast, such as, dose, grind texture, water temperature, and quantity and pressure.

The course aims to develop the participant's ability to think strategically, understand the various business models, craft strategies to creatively combine or develop frameworks and tools in planning of menus and applying revenue management strategies to increase profitability and understand the importance and application of revenue management in F&B management with reference to market development and operational conditions including studying the time day/time of service.

Trainer Profile:

Tony Tang, Master Trainer

Tony has more than a decade of experience in all aspects of coffee from coffee roasting to creation of different beverage products and barista training. Being one of the pioneer artisan coffee roasters in Singapore, Tony has constantly been learning about coffee from different coffee masters all over the world. His expertise and professionalism have been highly regarded by people in the coffee industry, with many inviting him to judge at barista championships in Singapore and other parts of ASEAN countries. In 2010, he was the Assistant Head Grader for SGX SICOM Robusta Coffee Grading. With the vast knowledge and experiences gained over the years, Tony shares interesting insights and knowledge about coffee with all his trainers and of course, students attending his coffee workshops and barista training courses.

  • Course Outline

    1. Coffee Shots Extraction from Beans of Different Style

    2. Craft Strategies to Creatively Combine/ Develop Business Frameworks

    3. Apply Revenue Management Strategies in F&B Management

    4. Practical Coffee Hands-On Techniques

  • Target Participants

    Entrepreneurs, Baristas, Cafe/Restaurant Operators & anyone seeking to deepen or broaden their skills in this area.

  • Certification

    Certificate of Completion

  • Admission Requirements

    You are required to complete Starting Your Coffee Business course before joining this advanced course.

  • Course schedule (conducting days & time)

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  • Course Fees and Funding

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    Ms TEO SHALYNN,, Tel No:65501094
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